One very important point for the future supplier: we cooperate with every supplier respecting all the direction and distributing in markets granted by commitment and not distributing in other markets with other exclusive distributor. All the brands we are working with are our refrence for that.

About Us


PANIFICIO MARCON S.R.L. is a Italian based company. PANIFICIO MARCON S.R.L. has been established in 2000, at our end this would mean a bigger commitment, a zero error business process interface, a much larger responsibility of delivering appropriate results thereby enhancing the performance standards of the entire team at our end.

This would all result in a better and a much evolved customer satisfaction thereby strengthening our bonds with the markets.


We are committed to be your reliable source for authentic products

To enhance the lives of human beings by picking the best products from this planet hence creating a better world


PANIFICIO MARCON S.R.L. is one of the fastest growing FMCG company in Europe, supplying over 70 countries around the globe.
Besides trading in top 500 worldwide brands, we provide agencies to our customers to develop products into brands like Oak Beauty soap & Gate & 7. We aim to bridge gap between genuine producers and final consumers.

Panificio marcon srl was formed in late 2018 following the merger of two leading, well-established wholesale buying groups. Created to enhance our scale, efficiency and effectiveness, we offer stakeholders a sustainable business partner in a market that continues to be dominated by consolidation.


Our vision is simple: as your first choice business partner, we harness the collective scale and strength of the group to negotiate the strongest deals and most competitive prices to deliver outstanding service for our wholesale members, independent retailers, out of home operatives and supplier partners, helping them to save more and sell more.

Our members

With 173 wholesale members, we have the largest network of independent cash and carry and delivered wholesalers in the Europe. Our members are committed, ambitious and forward thinking, representing more than 290 depots nationwide.

Our members include retail, foodservice, on-trade and specialist wholesalers, making us genuine multi-channel experts and the most diverse group in the industry.

The marketplace is continually changing and evolving, and we offer the best support in the business to our members.

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We offer several of the Europe’s strongest symbol fascia’s, alongside our Retail Club to ensure we have support for all independent retailers.

Through Today’s, Day-Today or Lifestyle Express fascia’s, you can access some of the best industry support and expertise but still run your business, your way. Retailers can benefit from 30% sales growth, quality own brands, regular promotions, merchandising and core range advice, store design and no fees, it’s a win-win for retailers wanting to protect their future and grow their business.

The Panificio marcon srl Retail Club also offers great rewards, delivering award-winning promotions to more than 2,700 independently owned retail stores every three weeks.

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Panificio marcon srl is one of the largest foodservice operators in the industry, covering all sectors within the marketplace. Our foodservice member turnover stands at more than €2.5bn and is growing year on year.

The foodservice industry has never been so competitive, so knowing you have the best support for your business has never been more important. At Panificio marcon srl, we’re dishing up the prices, products, promotions and personal service you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Working with us

By working closely with a broad range of suppliers, we create strong and meaningful relationships that deliver mutual benefit. Panificio marcon srl recognises the value placed on these relationships and host a calendar of annual events that provide excellent networking opportunities for both our membership and our suppliers.

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